Zodiac Cocktails | Aries

21st March 2023 | 00:00-23:59

Have you heard about our Zodiac Cocktails yet? 

Well, if you’re an Aries, this is your month to shine! 

Join us March 21st to April 19th for our Aries Month at Blind Tyger 

Head on down and claim your FREE Cocktail on your Birthday. 

No catch, all we need is for you to show us your ID and prove its your Birthday

So what’s on the menu for your Zodiac Cocktail?

The Aries Old Fashioned
Bourbon, homemade cherry & vanilla syrup, angostura bitters, and a flamed orange zest.
The classic old fashioned is for the bold and confident Aries, bourbon and the homemade syrup give a rich flavour, while the flamed orange zest adds a touch of drama…

Not only will you receive a cocktail, but if you book a table in advance, you’ll also receive a free gift from us at Blind Tyger so get booking today!