True & Twisted Cocktail Launch | 2 Pound Cocktails

30th June 2023 | 18:00-22:00

Are you ready to find out if you are True or Twisted?

Blind Tyger has a brand new 12 drink menu for you to enjoy in these long summer days & to celebrate we’re offering £2 Cocktails for a limited time on the 29th of June

Yes you heard right! £2 Cocktails


You can book a table in advance if you wish!

All tables are limited to 1hour 30 minutes to make sure that everyone gets the chance to try these fabulous concoctions.

So what is the True & Twisted Menu you may ask?

Come and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

A menu of seductive duality, this den of disrepute presents an unparalleled fusion of classic elixirs and boundary-pushing blends.

The “True” side opens with a collection of signatures, revered and adored by our regular enthusiasts. Each sip unveils a harmonious symphony of flavours, meticulously crafted to satisfy the most refined palates.

On the “Twisted” side, explore audacious concoctions that marry innovation with tradition. Brace yourself for tantalising hybrids that challenge convention.

Indulge in the beguiling collision of two timeless classic libations.

Blind Tyger invites you to honour the past, welcome the future, to forge a bold new chapter in the art of cocktail creation. Enter a realm where the exceptional reigns supreme, as cherished classics intertwine.

Your journey awaits…

We’ll see you at the bar.