There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a gin & tonic when the sun is shining. But that doesn’t mean we should neglect gin when the temperature drops and we need some winter warmers. The vast array of spices, fruits and citrus that make up our favourite gins can be enhanced just as well by adding heat and complimentary savoury flavours. Serving gin hot isn’t a new thing either, in fact, we’ve been serving it up for quite a while!

Back in the 19th Century, Gentlemen’s Clubs would offer to serve up a variety of libations, punch being a popular favourite. The Garrick Club was one such gathering place which included members such as Charles Dickens. This probably explains why the same beverages pop up in his books such ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Punch was the precursor to cocktails and it wasn’t long before single serves became fashionable and we start to see the emergence of drinks such as the Tom Collins. These drinks were the great-grandchildren of punch but used the same balance of sweet, sour and gin.


  • 300ml London Dry Gin
  • 1-litre pineapple juice
  • 100g dehydrated pineapple
  • 1 lemon zest
  • 150ml runny honey
  • 100ml lemon juice

Build in a soup kettle or stockpot.
Heat until the ingredients are combined
Serve in a toddy glass or mug.
Add a slice of pineapple or a wheel of lime

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