Gin Club – The Full Collection


Before Lockdown we we’re underway with re-vamping our Gin Club. Moving the promotion to a Friday evening, and we’re wanting to give our guests the opportunity to try new gins, in a relax environment where we could learn, discuss and converse about the nations favourite spirit.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make this happen, for obvious reasons.

So, we had to adapt to the world around us. Over the last 10 weeks we’ve showcased a new gin, discussed the history of gin and walked through how to make a suggested cocktail for each gin live on our IGTV.

Gin Club
Gin Club with Lee Jones

To check out one of our episodes click here!

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has followed our virtual journey.

And we didn’t want to see the virtual experience essentially go into the void that is the internet, so, we’ve compiled every gin, their botanicals, and the suggested cocktail recipe for each gin into one downloadable PDF.

A perfect companion for any night in, or soon with friends! Upcoming BBQ’s you name it!

Click the download below to download the full PDF!

We’d love to see your creations to ensure you follow our social media page and tag us in your snaps!

We can’t wait until we reopen and we can show you exactly what we have in stored for the return of our weekly Gin Club!