The bars we want to send the love to this Valentines Day


The Leeds Bar Industry is like no other, its one big Family and this Valentine’s Day we want to send the love to a few of our favourite bars, and tell you why we love them so much.

First Up, George


I mean it would be rude not to mention Oporto! Counting down the days until I can go for a cheeky pint of Guinness and a Jamesons. When that first light swings after lockdown I’ll know everything’s going to be just fine! My go-to staple Knaves dish would be the Mac & cheese bowl, I honestly can’t understand how close to the real thing it is, and I can’t forget the Knaves gravy! To die for!

Looking forward to shouting The Rat at the top of my lungs and embrace my friends

Wax Bar

One place I miss the most and can’t wait to return to is Wax bar! Im looking forward to the next time I can pop in for a Pina Colada (My wax bar guilty pleasure) and a tequila or 2. Not only is their Verdita unreal, but the music is also great.
I’ll never forget my first Wax bar birthday, singing Gangsta’s paradise on the karaoke with Andy. They’re all just a lovely bunch who always make me feel at home as soon as I step in the door.

& From Dean

Below Stairs

It’s just top level. Service, drinks, people, ergonomics, philosophy. They have thought about everything in the sort of depth that makes the rest of us feel a bit dizzy. Then some of the drinks are garnished with fake cigarettes that you actually light and really ambitious stuff like that. If you are a booze nerd, or just a person wanting to chill it’s spot on and everything is on point. The art is even about the drinks. It’s great.


Yeah, I know, but I drank there like five times longer than I worked here so it’s still a bar I think of going to more than working at. Some of the best celebrations I can remember happened there. I think. I’m 90% certain. Met Jon Snow there once, gave him a cig. He said thanks.

There are so many places we love and can’t wait to get back to. Hopefully this will all be over soon and we can get back into the bars we love with the people we love even more.

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