Staff Social Takeovers – George

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One of the newest arrivals to the Blind Tyger team, George. Now she may be new to the Blind Tyger team, but she isn’t new to the Sandinista Company.

Our moto is, you can check out, but you can never leave. since Georges arrival back we’ve had a great time with one off events and social media, so it felt only right to let her have first reign of the social media takeovers.

Here are some of the Highlights of George’s takeover…

Music through Lockdown

Hi, George again!

Throughout this lock down music has been a massive saviour for me, as I can imagine it has been for a lot of other people too. Recently my Dad dropped off some of his old vinyl collection so I’ve spent most mornings waking up and listening to them to set the tone for the day What’s feel good songs have helped you get through lockdown?

Daily walks with Doh’Hut

To keep me preoccupied during lockdown I set myself a task to walk at least 3 hours a day regardless of the weather!
I’m lucky enough to live in Pudsey which is full of woodland, pretty much 5 mins in any direction from my house.
The heroes of @dohhut have fueled most walks with their delicious coffeee and donuts. They recently teased they will be making a Milky bar donut! If you haven’t tried already you honestly don’t know what your missing out on

Memories from Smokestack

One of many places I miss going out to in Leeds is @smokestackleeds My first early memory of Smokestack was the Jekyll and Hyde competition where 2 drinks must be created 1 Hyde drink & 1 Jekyll drink.

My favourite being the Hyde drink with only 2 rules
So you can imagine the scenes that when down

To check out the full takeover head over to our social pages!

Next up

We only have a small team at Blind Tyger, but we think that’s what makes it so personal, Dean our manager will be up next taking over this week! So keep your eye out for his social takeover posts!