Gin Club Session #1

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Since we launched gin club over a year ago, we have explored dozens of different gins, run weekly tastings and created numerous boutique cocktails. 

So, wanting to showcase the nation’s favourite spirit, we are continuing to share our passion via online sessions!

For our first live Gin Club we wanted to cover the basics and answer the question – What is gin???

Gin is a flavoured spirit; this means that the flavour is added after the alcohol has been created. Most people are surprised to discover the majority of gin producers don’t make the raw product themselves. Gin makers, like bartenders, are craftsmen, wielding flavours and combining them to tailor their own recipe; maintaining that core characteristic of juniper throughout. 

Making gin begins with a neutral spirit, devoid of flavour or aroma. Think of it as a blank canvas with which to paint upon. Next comes your botanicals – the flavour of the gin.

These are the big four ingredients that are most commonly found in gin:


By law, all gin must have a ‘discernible’ flavour of Juniper. This is going to give you that distinctive gin taste and smell. Botanically, this is a berry from the Cypress family, which when crushed will give you the oily, fragrant and spicy aromas of lavender, pine and camphor.


Most people will have used this in cooking at some point and will be familiar with the zesty punch this small seed can deliver. Other flavours that may come through include candied ginger, lemon and sage.  


A bit of botanical glue! Angelica helps the other botanicals stick together and can help give depth and complexity to a gin but flavour wise, you will get lots of earthy, musky notes. 


This perfumed botanical is always found in powder form because it is ground before use and again is used (similar to angelica) because of its binding qualities. If you try a gin and detect notes of Parma Violets, that will be coming from the orris root. 

After this, producers can choose from an array of citrus and spices. The selection is only limited by their imagination!


Today we are talking about and exploring Brooklyn Gin. As the name suggests, it’s American in style so the Juniper is less prevalent than that of a classic London Dry. Instead, expect big citrus notes to come through, most likely because nearly half of the ingredients used are citrus! 

Due to the zesty character of this gin we’ve gone with a classic gin sour cocktail from prohibition called ‘The Bees Knees’. An extremely tasty and easy to make cocktail that combines lemon, honey and of course Brooklyn Gin to deliver lip-smacking results. Try it with different honeys and/or citrus to add your own, simple twists. 

For more information on Brooklyn Gin and who they are, check out their website below.

Every Friday at 5pm we will be live with Gin Club on Blind Tyger Leeds Instagram and be sure to follow us & tune in for next time!

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